Rodney Schoolcraft Award of Excellence

UpdatedTuesday September 15, 2020 byScott Butler.

This Award of Excellence is awarded to 1 defensive player of the week and 1 offensive player of the week. Each team will submit their nominations for 2 players and the recipients will be selected from those 16 players each week. Coach Rodney always selected 1 player from his team each week and presented them with a $10 gift card. It wasn't the money, but the fact that they had gained the praise of Coach Rodney that was the big prize.

He was always fair, but always tough and had a great big heart for all of the kids and young men he coached & mentored over the years. His committment to comunity, family and football will be felt for decades to come and through this award we simply hope to honor his giving nature to give back and pay it forward.